Several words are so rendered in the Authorized Version.

(1.) Those which are indefinite. (a) Hok, Isaiah 5:14, elsewhere "statute." (b) Mad, Job 11:9; Jeremiah 13:25, elsewhere "garment." (c) Middah, the word most frequently thus translated, Exodus 26:2, 8, etc. (d) Mesurah, Leviticus 19:35; 1 Chronicles 23:29. (e) Mishpat, Jeremiah 30:11, elsewhere "judgment." (f) Mithkoneth and token, Ezek. 45:11. (g) In New Testament metron, the usual Greek word thus rendered (Matthew 7:2; 23:32; Mark 4:24).

(2.) Those which are definite. (a) `Eyphah, Deuteronomy 25:14, 15, usually "ephah." (b) Ammah, Jeremiah 51:13, usually "cubit." (c) Kor, 1 Kings 4:22, elsewhere "cor;" Greek koros, Luke 16:7. (d) Seah, Genesis 18:6; 1 Samuel 25:18, a seah; Greek saton, Matthew 13:33; Luke 13:21. (e) Shalish, "a great measure," Isaiah 40:12; literally a third, i.e., of an ephah. (f) In New Testament batos, Luke 16:6, the Hebrew "bath;" and choinix, Revelation 6:6, the choenix, equal in dry commodities to one-eighth of a modius.