The drinks of the Hebrews were water, wine, "strong drink," and vinegar. Their drinking vessels were the cup, goblet or "basin," the "cruse" or pitcher, and the saucer.

To drink water by measure (Ezek. 4:11), and to buy water to drink (Lamentations 5:4), denote great scarcity. To drink blood means to be satiated with slaughter.

The Jews carefully strained their drinks through a sieve, through fear of violating the law of Leviticus 11:20, 23, 41, 42. (See Matthew 23:24. "Strain at" should be "strain out.")

Drink, strong: (Hebrews shekar'), an intoxicating liquor (Judges 13:4; Luke 1:15; Isaiah 5:11; Micah 2:11) distilled from corn, honey, or dates. The effects of the use of strong drink are referred to in Psalm 107:27; Isaiah 24:20; 49:26; 51:17-22. Its use prohibited, Proverbs 20:1. (see WINE.)